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Carnaval Netflix

Germany start: June 2, 2021 (Netflix)

Nina ( Giovana Cordeiro ) actually loves to get a lot of attention from others, as she earns her living as an influencer. However, when her boyfriend cheats on her with another one and this video of all things goes viral, it is too much even for her. And so she decides to go to the carnival in Salvador with her three best friends Myra ( Bruna Inocencio ), Michelle ( Gessica Kayana ) and Vivi ( Samya Pascotto). There they want to forget everything, throw themselves into the fray and have as much fun as possible. But it's not as easy as expected. Again and again they get into stupid situations, sometimes even getting into hair – especially since Nina never stops thinking about her influencer career …

The beautiful glow of an influencer

Somehow the influencer boom doesn't seem to want to end. To a certain extent this is understandable, of course: the idea of traveling at the expense of others, of getting dressed, eating and getting all the beautiful things that others can only dream of, has its charm. That, in turn, calls on filmmakers who make such people their subject. That can be very appealing, for example with the Polish drama Sweat , which shows the contradiction between the embellished life in the flashlight and the everyday life of an influencer. Or you can turn it into a comedy that is just as superficial and artificial as what is sold as reality in this area – see Emily in Paris or airplane mode .

The Brazilian Netflix comedy Carnaval is clearly a case for the second category. Sure, if someone who earns money in real life as an influencer – Giovana Cordeiro has 1.1 million followers on Instagram – plays an influencer, then you shouldn't expect an overly critical examination of the topic. The main thing is to enjoy the beautiful area yourself and have a good time for the money. And so that the audience thinks that there is more to it, some truisms are thrown around in the further course, which are then to be sold as depth. Is there more to life than just collecting likes? Oh really?

Superficial and without a joke

There would certainly have been opportunities to actually make something out of the topic. If, for example, a hotel in Carnaval requires a minimum number of followers so that an influencer has a place there, then that would have been material for both satire and serious occupation. But you only use it for a half-hearted gag before the four young women take care of what really matters. Whatever that is supposed to be. In fact, most of the film is so bland that one wonders whether someone has simply forgotten to write a script. Sure, then it can also be about love. At some point homosexuality will also be pulled out of the cylinder so that the standard sentence that one should remain true to oneself and remain authentic is somehow smuggled into it.

Of course, not every film has to be profound. Just because he takes up a social phenomenon doesn't mean he has something to say about it. In such a case it should at least be entertaining in some way. Carnaval fails even with this minimum requirement. There's nothing funny about it even though the movie is going to be a comedy. The emotional moments fail because of the weakly drawn, at best annoying figures. You shouldn't expect tension or surprises anyway. After all, there are nice pictures from Brazil that you can look at for a while, detached from the (non-) happening. But for an hour and a half that's very thin. In the end, this is a waste of time.


OT: "Carnaval"
Country: Basel
Year: 2021
Director: Leandro Neri
Script: Leandro Neri, Peu Barbalho, Audemir Leuzinger, Luisa Mascarenhas
Music: Berna Ceppas
Camera: Marcelo Brasil
Cast: Giovana Cordeiro, Gessica Kayana, Bruna Inocencio, Samya Pascotto, Flavia Pavanelli


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In “Carnaval” a betrayed influencer travels with three friends to a carnival to have fun and to find herself. The result is a superficial comedy that has nothing to say except for truisms and is not even entertaining. At least there are nice pictures.

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