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Mountains will moveDec. 01, 2022Norway
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“Save the mountain” shouted the demonstrators in the Norwegian hinterland when a construction company set up the explosive charge and triggered an explosion deep inside the mountain. The fact that they woke up a creature that was there was only noticed by the specialists in Oslo when they examined cell phone footage of the crime scene. Professor Nora Tiedemann (Ine Marie Wilmann) is flown in to help with the investigations and soon realizes that this could be a real mountain troll. These creatures, part of the country’s history in fairy tales and legends, are said to be made of stone and do not tolerate direct sunlight well.

Footprints are soon found and they travel to the mountains, where Nora and her group personally come across a gigantic monster that cannot be fought. And this giant makes a cross-country journey to Oslo, where his kind had a grim encounter with humans long ago and still suspects conspecifics. The Norwegian government puts all sorts of military in his way, which doesn’t bother the big guy. Can Oslo still be saved? Professor Tiedemann has another idea…

The Troll has become a wonderful film that doesn’t need to shy away from comparisons across the pond. The giant is well-implemented, the human actors act convincingly and the story is as close to reality as it gets. Of course, you have to have a flair for such productions in order to be able to enjoy the whole thing as much as possible. We are looking forward to the story continuing at some point!

Original title Troll

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