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Spare Parts We are the weapons

"Spare Parts – We are the weapons"
Germany start: June 3, 2021 (DVD / Blu-ray)

As members of the punk band Ms. 45, the two sisters Amy ( Michelle Argyris ) and Emma ( Emily Alatelo ) as well as Cassy ( Kiriana Stanton ) and Jill ( Chelsea Muirhead ) are used to a lot. They can also hand out vigorously, both verbally and physically – a quality that they can really use when their fists fly again after a performance. One day, when they are on the road after such a heated gig, an incident occurs that even they are not prepared for: someone has anesthetized them and surgically replaced their arms with weapons. They should of course also use them, as the Emperor ( Julian Richings ) wants, who regularly organizes gladiator fights in a junkyard. If you don't really go there, you fly – and die.

Man as a weapon

Why awkwardly push a weapon into the hand of people when you can replace it with the weapon? It happens again and again that figures are modified a little to make room for huge cannons, swords or other deadly creatures. Comics like to be part of it, even in video games or cartoons one can find such medical-martial special cases. In other words, where it can be easily implemented visually. This is a little less common in live-action films, as human fighting machines can easily look silly. You need a high budget if this is to work. Or you do it consciously cheaply, as fun trash.

Spare Parts – The weapons we are should probably go in the second direction. At least there is nowhere to be seen of a significant budget. The setting is very limited, much of the story takes place in a manageable arena between old cars. The weapons, on the other hand, are shabby, misshapen structures with no practical use. With those you can then hit the heads of others. But they are not designed for fights that are worth seeing. Of course you tried. Not too little artificial blood is spattered. There is practically no tension, because neither the equipment nor the choreography provide enough. Waving your arms around a bit, that's all there is to it. Of course, you can't expect Mortal Kombat-style combat experts to unleash one another here. But at least a little variety would have been possible even under these conditions.

Fun in short supply

That wouldn't be a big deal if Spare Parts – The Guns We Are , would at least be kind of fun. In fact, the movie is terribly boring. The script tried to bring a bit of humor into the action. It just didn't work out that well. In the end, you relied too much on women with prosthetic arms being so cool that you don't need any more. If anything, then it's Julian Richings ( Cube ) who provides a little entertainment because his characters are mercilessly exaggerated. The stupid dialogues together with the derailed grimaces of the actor show which direction would have been possible with the film.

Unlike Turbo Kid , for example, who knew how to combine end-of-the-life trash with humor and charm, Spare Parts offers – We are the weapons we are completely unnecessary family drama. Of course, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with investing more in characters and relationships with one another. The attempt to provide more depth here is convincing neither in itself nor in the context of the nonsense that is presented in the film. This means that in the end there is too little of everything, too little fun, too little excitement, too little personality. The description of the scenario was much more entertaining than the result suggests. That's not even enough for a boozy video evening.


OT: "Spare Parts"
Country: Canada
Year: 2020
Directed by Andrew Thomas Hunt
Script: David Murdoch, Svet Rouskov
Music: Wade MacNeil, Andrew Gordon Macpherson
Camera: Pasha Patriki
Cast: Julian Richings, Michelle Argyris, Emily Alatalo, Kiriana Stanton, Chelsea Muirhead, Ryan Allen, Jason Rouse


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Spare Parts – We are the weapons
Four punk musicians are drugged, their arms are exchanged for weapons and now have to fight for survival in a junkyard arena – that actually sounded like entertaining fun trash. Unfortunately, the fun with “Spare Parts – We are the weapons” is very limited. The fights are without variety, there is too little humor, but unnecessary family drama.

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