The Bozen crime thriller: blood revenge

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The Bozen Crime 2020

"The Bozen-Krimi: Blood feud"
Start of Germany: April 2nd, 2020 (Das Erste)

After the attack on him, Capo Matteo Zanchetti ( Tobias Oertel ) finally knows who is behind it: the mafia boss Saffione ( Christian Redl ). Because he makes him responsible for the death of his son and daughter. For Zanchetti it is clear that he has to forestall the criminal. And he has to do it alone to protect the others around him from Saffione's plans for revenge. To his horror, however, he finds out that his colleague Sonja Schwarz ( Chiara Schoras ) has also traveled to Bari to look for her stepdaughter Laura ( Charleen Deetz ), who has disappeared without a trace. While the local police are of no help, they find valuable support in the friendly taxi driver Riccardo (Stefano Bernardin) …

Criminological vacation

The Thursday thriller position goes to those who somehow play abroad and thus enable the local audience to take short vacations. There it goes to Croatia , to Zurich or also to Brittany . The Bozen-Krimi has also been part of this illustrious group since 2005. As the title suggests, this one takes place in South Tyrol. The main character, however, is a German policewoman who was transferred there in order to be close to her husband and to be able to offer the audience a figure to identify with. After all, they are allowed to experience the various adjustment difficulties through their eyes.

In Der Bozen-Krimi: Blood feud , the tenth film in the ARD crime series , Schwarz is only integrated into the action with great difficulty. The fact that her daughter-in-law Laura is at the point where the showdown between Zanchetti and Saffione is supposed to take place is of course very constructed. It wasn't doing yourself a real favor either, how two storylines have to be merged here. Whereby the actual problems of the episode are not so much in the less convincing scenario. Rather, so much is wrong around it that one soon loses the desire to follow the story even further.

Moderate idea, horribly implemented

Already a completely screwed up fight sequence at the beginning of The Bozen-Krimi: Blood feud suggests something evil. A thunderstorm that even makes you forget the embarrassing Hollywood monsters, combined with a barely convincing choreography – that spoils the good mood even before the actual story has started. Not that this is really any better. Director and screenwriter Thorsten Näter ( Tödliche Gier ) tries here on a revenge thriller based on the Italian model. But then it seems more like fan fiction of someone who has watched a lot of such films and now wants to tell something in this direction himself. There is therefore no lack of clichés. But in terms of personality: the two opponents look like caricatures.

The horrific dialogues are largely to blame for this. Whenever someone opens their mouth here, it is alternately a cause for annoyance and amusement. Especially in connection with the overly serious demeanor of the two actors, this leads to Der Bozen-Krimi: Blood feud increasingly becoming ridiculous. Without even realizing it, of course. After all: As with so many other Thursday thrillers, there is a lot to see here. The decision to shoot the series on site gives the films their own look and a special flair. However, the beautiful pictures cannot comfort the fact that the content of the crime thriller is a total failure. As nice as it is when the story about the fight against the Mafia that has been built up since the beginning of the series comes to an end. It really wouldn't have needed this one.


OT: "The Bozen crime thriller: blood feud"
Country: Germany
Year: 2020
Director: Thorsten Näter
Script: Thorsten Näter
Music: Axel Donner, Mario Lauer
Camera: Joachim Hasse
Cast: Chiara Schoras, Tobias Oertel, Christian Redl, Charleen Deetz, Stefano Bernardin, Gabriel Raab, Sinja Dieks

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The Bozen crime thriller: blood revenge
In "The Bozen-Krimi: Blood feud" it boils down to the long-prepared showdown between Saffione and the Mafia. Long-term fans will be pleased. The thriller itself provides little reason to be happy: the story is built on clichés, the dialogues are horrific, and the action scenes are botch. After all, there are beautiful pictures.

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